If you are currently exporting, you’ll know that effective labelling keeps goods safe in transit and helps you meet all the regulatory requirements. And if you’re new to exporting, we can share what have learnt over the 30 years we’ve spent helping companies take their products overseas.

We can help you:

  • Meet regulatorysaupload_us_exporters_are_now_worrying_that_there_arent_enough_ships compliance through labelling, tracking and shipment
  • Link your barcodes with international systems
  • Protect the integrity of your products with anti-counterfeit labelling
  • Develop a fully traceable system for your business

Making sure every package in your consignment is clearly identifiable calls for a fast and robust labelling and tracking system. This will cut handling time, increase accuracy and maximise efficiency.

Products available:

  • Pallet and carton labels suited for ambient, chiller or freezer conditions
  • Anti-counterfeit and tamper evident solutions
  • Labelling materials certified for use in food manufacturing (secondary and tertiary packaging)
  • Labelling produced and stored in a dedicated clean zone
  • Barcode and data variable overprint of tags via our service bureau
  • Sequential numbering systems
  • A range of adhesive options for plastic, paper, card or rough surface applications
  • Thermal printers (industrial, desktop, portable)
  • Tethered and portable scanners
  • Trace and tracking solutions
  • Labelling systems to meet your Lean / just-in-time goals

For extra reassurance, Saito’s GS1 barcode certification and verification means that your barcodes will comply with global standards. This integrates your barcodes with your wider supply chain, creating smoother stock and asset management.

You can order your export labelling products using the form below, or contact us directly

Wanting a return on your investment? Let’s talk business.

As Lean and efficiency experts, we can also offer advice and recommendations on process improvement and labour efficiency. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for cost-savings, or need to meet new export requirements. There’s every chance we’ll be able to save you thousands with the right systems in place.

With over three decades spent in your sector, we can help you get the best solution for your organisation. Contact us today to hear more about our specialist export services. Everything is designed around your business and the savings you need to make.

Other Solutions We Offer


Over the last two decades, we’ve helped many of our retail clients manage the pressures on their business.

Timber Tags

Trees right across the world have been tagged with Saito products over the last 20 years.

Healthcare and Medical

Saito produces lots of products specifically for the healthcare and medical industry including pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

Food Processing

At Saito we can help you get your food products out the door as quickly as possible.

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