General Manufacturing Tags

General Manufacturing Tags

Top tags for every purpose

Tags for the factory. Tags for harsh conditions. general-manufacturingTags for fish bins. Tags for hire equipment. Tags for health and safety. How can any business live without tags? We have tags for every purpose at Saito. And we can string, suppling tags with eyelets too if you need the extra strength.

For all applications, we sell both blank and custom printed options. You can also have tags with sequential numbering, multi-numbering or barcoding.

Because tags are so incredibly useful, the applications for Saito tags vary widely from repair tags to valet tickets; produce tags to entrance tickets; baggage tags to track and trace tickets. Some are made for indoor use whilst others are fit for extreme weather conditions so materials vary.

You can have tags for your wrist, machinery that needs maintenance, garments in your shop or use them to help you work on business improvement projects using Kaizen or Lean. The list is endless.If you need a printer to print your information on tags we can help with this too. Supplying a range of printers and ribbons to suit any requirement

To purchase your tags now, or ask us a question please use the form below, or contact us directly.

Our Other Products

Timber Tags

Get to grips with the harshest of climates with Saito all-weather premium tags.

Blank Labels

Our range of labels and tags can take anything you choose to throw at them – freezers, water baths, kilns, even chemical baths.


Barcode scanners and RFID readers – track and trace anything and everything.


We can supply printer ribbons for all thermal transfer and Near Edge printer brands used in any environment.

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