New Hand labeler range introduced – New lower prices

New Hand labeler range introduced – New lower prices

The traditional hand labeler that began life 50 years ago has still a place in commercial and retail applications.

Originally as a price marking device now replaced in many applications by bar code systems the novel features of a hand labeler for promotional activity with bright florescent colours remains stronger than ever. Research shows that promotional labels attracts customer attention and increases purchase rates.

The Saito SHD model at $45 with a range of “off shelf” bright colours is an ideal promotional system.

In the food manufacture identification of product dates is a mandatory requirement. The addition of batch and control numbers assists traceability and is vital in any product recall situation. The re-engineered Saito 16 is the only tool that has a “print safe” feature. This feature protects from accidental or sabotage actions where wrong prices or wrong dates are applied to items. This is a costly mistake and the Saito 16 protects and allows correct printing of batch and date information all for $99 per tool.

To aid customers the Saito range now caters for three distinct user groups. The first is the budget priced universal range that caters for the common usage items in both retail and food manufacture. Prices in this Universal range are now reduced by as much as 40% and still backed by Saito’s high service standard.

The Meto range caters for many mid-point applications and has special materials for applications such as freezer conditions.

The superior customized range of specialist application are custom built and configured to client’s requirements. Two and three line applications with dates, numbers and alphabets configured in multiple font sizes are all available within 48 hours.

Tools and labels are available from resellers and distributers nationwide and throughout the Pacific.


January 12 2015

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