Timber Tagging Solutions

Timber Tagging Solutions

The toughest tags in town

We knew when we created our Forestry ticket range for the New Zealand, Australian and South Pacific markets that they needed to last. Saito premium tags and tickets have been developed specifically for these harsh environments, and are proven to last in extreme weather conditions – from torrential rain to fierce sunlight. As we have long been involved in the forestry industry we know that as well as harsh climates, tags need to cope with kiln temperatures and being immersed in treatment plants.
All products are manufactured using a premium product developed specifically for Saito’s clients, Handi-Flex.

As well as different materials and varying thicknesses, there are a range of colour options available, for identification of your logs or for treated timber tickets.

Saito have spent the past 33 years listening to our customers, their challenges and their visions, then delivered solutions. Saito specialise in the manufacture and supply of treatment tags, timber pack tags, log tags and more.


One question that we are asked regularly is do you have tagging equipment or staplers?

Saito are please to advise that we can now offer the tools to fasten these tags to the timber as well as either plastic or metal staples.  Saito specialise in operational productivity improvements and we hope this extension to our range of timber industry products and services assist with your mill operations.

The FasTagger®II is the automatic tagging tool that dispenses HANDi-FlexTM tags and staples them securely in place – all in one step.  If your tagger is tired or not performing at peak talk to our team about financing a new one and put productivity back into your mill.HANDi-Flex LogoTalk to our team about a supply bundle of tagger, treatment tags and staples where we will work to deliver even more operational savings!

As well as the FasTagger®II, there are options for attaching the HANDi-Flex™ tags manually. Like where the pneumatic tagger simply doesn’t suit in attaching timber tags to packs of finished wood in the store or yard.

For those occasions Saito can provide our HANDi-Fastener™ staplers that are robust and fit for purpose within the timber industry, together with the wide range of HANDi-Fasten™ staples in either plastic or metal to suit all requirements.

Polymer Staples

If you want more than standard tags, we have a specialist timber and forestry team. They know your industry and can help with process improvement. For further information relating to your industry see our Timber & Forestry page.


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To purchase your timber tags now, or ask us a question please use the form below or contact us directly.

Our Other Products


We can supply printer ribbons for all thermal transfer and Near Edge printer brands used in any environment.


At Saito, we finish and string tags in a number of different ways and are happy to do so for long and short run orders.


From Datamax to CognitiveTPG, Intermec to Zebra, you can get any printer you like from Saito and benefit from our bulk buying power.

General Manufacturing Tags

Tags for health and safety, tags for the steel hire industries, tags for track & trace; How can any working business live without tags? We have tags for every purpose at Saito.

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