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Don’t let the quality of the print hit your productivity

We can supply printer ribbons for all thermal transfer and Near Edge printer brands used in any environment. Printer ribbons generally fall into three categories:

  • Wax ribbons – generally suit lightweight, standard thermalribbons applications that involve printing on paper or a limited selection of synthetic materials
  • Wax / resin – these printer ribbons offer more defence against smears, scuffs and UV damage. They are good for most paper and synthetic materials
  • Pure resin – these ribbons offer maximum protection against the elements, chemical processes and rough handling. They’re suitable for all materials and work best for high-speed print and apply. They are particularly useful in cases where the image must last in challenging environments or difficult applications

We also hold standard ribbons as stock items so you can get your hands on printer ribbons quickly without the need to stock up to achieve the best unit cost. In the unlikely event that we are unable to supply you with a fit for purpose solution, a custom product can be produced very quickly. Printer ribbons are essential for a range of different applications including compliance labelling, asset tracking, rugged conditions and aerospace components. We can offer advice on pairing the right ribbon with the right label or tag to suit your particular application.

To purchase your printer ribbons now, or ask us a question please use the form below, or contact us directly.  

Our Other Products

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At Saito, we finish and string tags in a number of different ways and are happy to do so for long and short run orders.


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