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Blank Label Solutions

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Are your labels fit for purpose?
Do they meet the needs of your growing business?
Do you need labels that continue to stick in a challenging environment?
Do you need labels that can be removed cleanly when necessary?

Stock and Custom Labels

What we can do:

  • Direct thermal labels
  • Thermal transfer Labels
  • Blank Fluro labels

Saito manufactures a wide range of labels suitable for all business needs and applications, minimum quantities apply


Label Adhesive Types


  • Permanent Adhesive is extremely difficult to remove without damaging the label.
  • Removable Adhesive is designed for temporary use and leaves little residue.
  • Repositionable Adhesives allow labels to be removed and reused.
  • Temperature-Specific Adhesive is ideal for difficult label applications, and is also used in products such as wet wipes or makeup wipes.

Different types of label adhesives serve different purposes and Saito can help you discover the best adhesive for your needs.

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  • Wax Ribbons: These generally suit lightweight, standard applications that involve printing on paper and used in dry straightforward environments.
  • Wax-Resin Mix: This mix offers more defense against smears, scuffs and UV damage. They are good for most paper and synthetic materials and are a solid mid-range general purpose solution.
  • Resin Ribbons: These ribbons offer maximum protection against the elements, chemical processes and rough handling. They’re suitable for all materials and are particularly useful in cases where the image must last in challenging environments or difficult applications

No matter how big or small your need, follow the link above to improve workflow and ensure your business is running at its peak.

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