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Need to identify dangerous goods in your workplace or for dispatch?
Are the people who handle your shipping aware of the contents?
Are standard warning labels not quite specific enough for your goods?
Do you want your Warning or Identification Labels customised?

Warning / Identification (Super) Labels


Clearly send your message to people handling your goods.  Saito’s Super-Labels are functional Warning or Identification Labels.  Contact us to see what stock we hold in store.


Saito’s label printing bureau is designed specifically for fast turnaround accurately printed labels.  Use whichever phrase you prefer to suit your product and order on demand ie; “FRAGILE”, “BRITTLE”, “BREAKABLE”, “DELICATE”


Dangerous Goods Labels

Our Dangerous Goods Labels are full-colour labels printed on a Super Gloss White stock, with high tack permanent adhesive – long-lasting labels to get the job done.


We have a range of Dangerous Goods Labels kept in stock, Class 1 through to Class 9 and Mixed Class Dangerous Goods Labels.  If you are not sure what you need we can help you if you click on the link above.


If there are any DG labels you don’t see contact us for further info on our MTO designs.  If your purpose is not for classification but communication we can use whichever phrase you prefer to suit your product.

Plain Dispatch White

Dispatch Labels


  • Standard Layout Dispatch labels in white and various stock colours
  • Custom Layout shipping labels, or variable data/image printing

Saito manufactures a wide range of labels suitable for all business needs and applications, minimum quantities apply.

Follow the link above to learn more about what we do.

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