Saito produce many products specifically for the healthcare and medical industries including pharmacies, laboratories, and hospitals. Our solutions make patient and resource management faster, more accurate and ultimately safer.

Efficient and accurate treatment for patients centres around the patient ID label. At admission, a patient can expect to generate approximately 8 patient ID labels. Initially, the first label will be applied to the patient’s wristband which acts as the passport, and the others stored in the patient file for attaching to medical test forms.

Advantage LX

Saito has a long and successful partnership with New Zealand’s DHB’s, supplying mission-critical label printers, because if a label cannot be printed there is the risk of delayed results on medical testing and ultimately delayed treatment to the patient.

Saito offer a wide range of patient wristband sizes for adult, obese adult (also applicable to attach to a leg), plus smaller ones for the elderly and children. These wristbands all work with the standard patient ID label. Or coloured wristbands for infectious disease or other applications.

Saito understands that medical laboratory labels have specific requirements, from size to what temperature the test tubes will be on application. The decision to print lab labels in-house or buy them pre-printed is usually based on label content, economics, and durability. Smaller laboratories that process only a few vials, plates or slides per day (or 10,000 or less per year) can source labels custom printed for them via Saito’s variable image print (VIP) service. If, on the other hand, the labels need extensive unique data that cannot be specified when ordering, then you will want to print them on demand.  Saito can also supply mobile printers for lab staff to enable the printing of test labels at bedside on demand.

Lab Samples Labels
CryLabel and SlideLabel

Saito can supply a wide range of specialty laboratory labels as follows: –

  • CryoLabel – cryogenic labels as used in the fields of Virology, Genetics, DNA Sequencing, Drug Discovery, Forensics, and related laboratory sciences. The CryoLabel® label lines handle cryogenic temperatures and adhere to a variety of vials, test tubes and plates.
  • Slide Labels – slide labels need to hold up to a wide variety of harsh solvents and chemicals like alcohol, xylene, and DMSO. Not only that, but you the need barcodes on them to remain clear and readable in order to be properly scanned. XyResist® CytoLabels are more than up to the task!
  • Vial and Test Tube Labels – Saito offers vial and test tube label options, ranging from high-quality paper to synthetics and durable polyesters. These labels are used to track samples in the areas of chemistry, haematology, virology, genetics, DNA sequencing, forensics, and drug discovery, for purposes ranging from diagnostic testing to disease prevention testing, and more.

Saito can also provide a wide range of data capture devices, from portable data terminals that are similarly sized to a mobile phone with an inbuilt scanner to a range of rugged tablets.

Medical Labels




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