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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

– Steve Jobs

Rolled-up Sleeves and Eyes Wide Open

In May 2015, it was 30 years since we started out in the labelling industry. Over that time, we have worked with businesses in just about every sector; from food manufacturing to forestry, hospitals to horticulture. Our clients find us ever practical and keen to innovate.

If you dropped into any of our offices, you’d see us working on concepts for our clients where we play a vital role in their internal project teams. Saito is a company where people really want to work and this has given us a very powerful competitive advantage; the ability to hire and build the best team. Our staff go out of their way to truly learn what makes your business tick. This “sleeves rolled-up” approach to business keeps our work fresh and our eyes wide open for new possibilities.

Labelling Leads to Greater Efficiency

Since starting out in 1985, we’ve made it a priority to ensure our knowledge of products and technology has been right at the cutting edge. By recognising that our products play a vital role in business process improvement, we’ve found new ways to save our clients’ time and money. We’ve helped them make changes across the board, including warehouse layouts, software, stock levels, quality control, authentication and despatch processes.

How We Work

Many years ago, we had our own light bulb moment. We realised the huge potential to be had from improving business processes using the framework now commonly known as Lean. We’ve adopted Lean methods in our business and use the Lean concept to guide our approach with clients.

At Saito, we give each of our senior sales staff operational responsibility for part of our business. That means when they are coming to talk to you about cost savings in your business, they can do so from a position of experience. They know how to analyse the operations of a business and spot potential for improvements.

Our mantra is very much walk the walk. Talk the talk. Keep all promises made.

Where We Operate

Established in 1985 as a small home business, Saito is now in New Zealand, Australia and The Pacific Islands. We have a team of skilled and experienced people and we look after clients right across the Asia Pacific region.

Each one of our clients receive the same level of commitment from us. By learning about your business and what you need to achieve, we can provide you the very best supply chain solutions.

Saito was built on practical advice and a deep understanding of problem solving tools. These are as important today as they were back in 1985 when we first opened for business. In fact, they are probably even more important.

Gavin Hodder – Founding Director

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