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If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six hours sharpening my axe.

– Abraham Lincoln

Saito Specialist Business Assessments

Maximising Efficiencies

For almost 30 years, we’ve been helping businesses use labels and tags more effectively. As a result, we’ve developed a strong knowledge base on how to maximise efficiency through label and tag systems.

By introducing Lean principles and process improvements, the Saito team has achieved significant savings for a range of clients, projects and sectors.

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology that aims to improve efficiencies in business processes. It looks at ways to reduce waste across many areas including labour, inventory, production, time and transportation.

A labelling and tagging system will affect every area covered by Lean. That’s why we made a point of studying Lean methodology, as well as other efficiency models such as Six Sigma. We’ve introduced Lean to our business model and now share our knowledge with clients so that they can run Lean too.

Where do we find Efficiencies?

We’ve been able to help businesses in many ways, for example:

  • Labels that are far too big for the information they need to hold could cost more money to buy and print, and they create more rubbish to dispose of
  • Label placement can influence how easy it is to keep track of products in a warehouse or during transportation
  • Large industrial labelling machines can take up valuable floor space. Moving or changing machines can give you more room, and help you improve workflow
  • If labels come unstuck or tags can’t cope with your manufacturing or logistics process, you face unnecessary labour costs and delays
  • Some steps in the manufacturing or logistics process can even be removed with more comprehensive labelling content or improved datamigration

Wherever you need to improve efficiency in your business, we can help with our specialist business assessment – the Saito DNA.

At Saito, we have developed an 8-step process that we use to assess your business and recognise opportunities for efficiency gains.

The Saito Detailed Needs Analysis (DNA), usually delivers great cost reductions for our clients. We use this system so that all elements in the supply chain are systematically reviewed.

  1. Assess industry and site specific problems/pain points
  2. Work with the client to identify which problems need to be solved. Spot opportunities to make labelling or tagging processes easier, faster or more functional
  3. View and record the process and usage
  4. Talk with users and ask them all about how they find the process
  5. Finalise the operational objectives of the project based on the findings from steps 1 to 4
  6. Agree the parameters of the project
  7. Agree the roll in stages with all who are set to benefit from the project
  8. Present all the findings and various recommendations together with expected outcomes

If you are keen to identify process improvements in your business, we can work with you using our 8-step DNA process.

We are experts in our field for Lean and process improvements. We can work with you to identify specific points in your business where process enhancements can be developed to further your business objectives.

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