Warehousing & Logistics

Whether a warehouse attached to a food or general manufacturing facility, an importer / exporter or a third-party logistics facility all have the same challenge – to accurately account for and manage the stock on hand. From a major operation operating a sophisticated warehouse management system to a small business using MYOB the requirements are scalable but at the core common. 


Saito can help with Traceability:


Inwards goods is the gateway to the warehouse. Some warehouses either will have the cartons / pallets labelled with their product barcode whereas others will label upon receipt. This is the time to ensure not only what you received matches what you ordered but to accurately label it. Identify any substitutes and if required break bulk and label it.


The next step is where the product is put away. Most warehouse operations operate on a First In First Out basis rotating stock and can also have bulk product in one location and product in a pick face. The key to product put away is location labelling in essence giving every location a clear and unique address. This aids team members to accurately locate the right stock in an efficient manner. For food manufacturing this is vital with product expiring team members must choose the right batch. Some organisations are even serialising their cartons to ensure team members pick the right stock.


To pick an order and dispatch it can be done via a pick slip and a pen to check off what is picked. But most warehouse operations are seeking greater accuracy through scanning of the goods required in order assembly. Some sophisticated systems also require the team member to scan the location to ensure they are picking the right product. Increasing productivity and pick accuracy!


Whether an annual, twice per year or rolling stocktake warehouses are required to take stock of their goods on hand and to match them with stock recorded on their system. Most stocktakes are performed “blind” where a team member scans in the product and creates a file to upload and compare with the stock in the system. A stocktake can be done via a printout and a pen to record what is counted. Most warehouses seek to scan goods for speed and accuracy purposes.

Saito Can Help Your Inwards Goods:
Saito Can Help Put Your Product Away:
  • With quality location labelling for:
    • Totes
    • Racks or beams
    • Uprights or totems
    • Bulk floor or wall applications
Saito Can Help Your Pick, Pack and Dispatch:
  • Label printers to enable staff to: –
    • Produce labels for cartons for products;
    • Produce labels for cartons for dispatch;
    • Produce labels for pallets for dispatch;
  • With dispatch labels to transport the goods through the transport system to an the end customer.
Saito Can Help Your Stocktake:
  • Label printers to print high quality and lasting barcodes for your product and/or locations for easy and accurate scanner reads
  • Custom printed labels for either your product or your locations.
  • With quality location labelling for:
    • Totes
    • Racks or beams
    • Uprights or totems
    • Bulk floor or wall applications

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Warehousing & Logistics


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