Timber Treatment Tags are used to identify timber from the sawmill right through to the warehouse floor.

Treatment Tags

Saito has spent the past 33 years listening to our customers, their challenges and their visions, then delivered solutions. Saito specialises in the manufacture and supply of treatment tags, timber pack tags, log tags and more.

One question that we are asked regularly is do you have tagging equipment or staplers?

Saito are please to advise that we can now offer the tools to fasten these tags to the timber as well as either plastic or metal staples.  Saito specialises in operational productivity improvements and we hope this extension to our range of timber industry products and services assist with your mill operations.


The FasTagger®II is an automatic metal staple tagging tool that dispenses HANDi-Flex™ tags and staples them securely in place – all in one step.  If your tagger is tired or not performing at peak talk to our team about financing a new one and put productivity back into your mill.

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Talk to our team about a supply bundle of tagger, treatment tags and staples where we will work to deliver even more operational savings!

As well as the FasTagger®II, there are options for attaching the HANDi-Flex™ tags manually. Like where the pneumatic tagger simply doesn’t suit in attaching timber tags to packs of finished wood in the store or yard.


For those occasions, Saito can provide our HANDi-Fastener™ staplers that are robust and fit for purpose within the timber industry, together with the wide range of HANDi-Fasten™ staples in either plastic or metal to suit all requirements.


Timber Treatment Tags




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